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Social Activism, Grassroots Distribution, and The Golf War
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The Golf War - a story of land, golf and revolution in the Philippines -is an organizing tool. With the documentary's grassroots distribution we are building international solidarity for the peasant struggle in the Philippines, as well as providing a model of resistance for peoplefighting development issues here in the U.S.

Although we will make the documentary available to traditionaldistribution outlets, such as television and festival screenings, the critical part of the documentary's distribution is grassroots distribution. The pieceappeals to a mass audience, not just to the typical documentary viewer. We believe the strongest form of solidarity stems from people who share common experiences of injustice.

To date, we have organized fifteen venues to screen The Golf War, with countless more, as video copies are sold at screenings and on our Website. By April of 2000 we will have screened the piece inmajor urban areas across the country and in Europe. The second stage of distribution from May to October 2000 will focus on areas generally kept off the itineraries of independent filmmakers. Venues in smaller towns will range from union halls and churches/synagogues to rural college campuses and community theaters.

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