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DIY-Our Guide to DV Filmmaking
When we planned the production of The Golf War in the fall of 1997, we choose the DV format because of the inexpensive and small gear. Since then DV filmmaking has become a movement that promises to revitalize independent filmmaking from the "indywood" doldrums. We're not sure that it will, but we do know that we could not have made The Golf War at its present scope and quality without DV.

Keep your eyes on this page for a growing number of articles on how we produced our low-budget doc.

The Road from DV to 16mm
Check out this article by co-director Matt DeVries for a comparison of several video to film transfer tests. Also take a look around, an excellent resources for DV production.

On Location In The Golf War  The Perils of Producing in a Political Hot Zone
Producer Jen Schradie recounts our month shooting in the Philippines for AV Video magazine.

Grassroots Distribution
Our proposal "A Global Model for Resistance" focuses on our initiatives to self-distribute The Golf War--initiatives that borrow heavily from grassroots organizing tactics.


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