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San Francisco Bay Guardian
"The Golf War filmmakers Jen Schradie and Matt DeVries offer incisive commentary on land reform and blatant government corruption in the Phillipines..... Schradie and DeVries nimbly use satire to sum up the country's thinly veiled corruption with pith and personality."
Los Angeles Times
"...potent...Schradie and DeVries have a ...bombshell of an expose on their hands that could stand as Exhibit A in the argument for the motion picture academy to retain its short documentary category in the Oscars."
Los Angeles Weekly
"Jen Schradie and Matt DeVries' wonderful documentary The Golf War could well be titled Scenes From a Filipino Class Struggle. The co-directors short but exhaustively detailed film outlines a classic David-vs.-Goliath tale....."
The Associated Press
"It's called sudden death when two golfers finish a tournament tied and faceoff in a hole-by-hole competition. In the Philippines, real deaths have occurred in the battle between peasants and an alliance of government and developers over converting farmland to golf courses....The documentary moves back and forth between the smooth-skinned, well-dressed developers and government officials to the weathered, work-roughened peasants, who say they want to keep their land because they can make a living on it..."
News & Observer
"The film has all the elements of a classic ...docudrama: corrupt politicians, greedy developers and peasants mysteriously killed when their protests grow too loud. There's also Schradie and DeVries' old-fashioned in-your-face interview style."
The Independent
"Despite its title, The Golf War isn't an irreverent look at the goofy goings-on between Tiger Woods and Fuzzy Zoeller. Itís a beautifully filmed documentary about Filipino farmers who are being forced off their land in the name of that great overpriced sport: golf." 
Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson, International Network of Philippine Studies

"The film is unique and well crafted, enlightening and entertaining. It succeeds as social satire. It rises above previous documentary films on the land problem."


Hawaii International Film Festival
Honolulu, HI
November 2000

Seattle Underground Film Festival
Seattle, WA
October 2000

IFP Market
New York, NY
18 & 22 September 2000

Rhode Island International Film Festival
Providence, RI
11 August 2000

Atlanta Film & Video Festival
Atlanta, GA
14 May 2000

Cucalorus Festival of Independent Film
Wilmington, NC
6 May 2000

The Tahoe International Film Festival
Lake Tahoe, CA
7 April 2000

Dallas Video Festival
Lake Tahoe, CA
26 March 2000

Carolina Film and Video Festival
Greensboro, NC
18 March 2000