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JEN SCHRADIE: Producer and Director

Schradie started producing independent documentaries about social justice stories in 1989. She has produced videos in collaboration with grassroots organizations such as Black Workers for Justice, the Shiloh Coalition for Community Control and Improvement, and the NC Student Rural Health Coalition.

In 1994, Schradie began working full-time at the NC Agency for Public Telecommunications in Raleigh, NC, soon producing public service announcements and training videos. In 1997, she became a full-time independent producer and writer, and she left for the Philippines to produce a documentary.

Schradie won the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Excellence in Communications in 1997. In 1998 she won an International Television Association Silver Reels Award of Excellence. She is also an honored 1999 Emerging Artist from the Durham Arts Council. 

Since 1987, Schradie has organized, supported and participated in community and labor organizations in North Carolina's Black Belt, such as Black Workers for Justice, the Community Health Collective, the Durham Food Co-op and most recently UE Local 150, NC Public Service Worker's Union. 

In the early 1990's she helped coordinate a South wide Campaign and Conference for Universal Health Care. 

Schradie also served on the Southern International Education Committee. She has traveled on international solidarity trips to Central America and the Caribbean, as well as Germany for a speaking tour on working conditions in the US South. 


MATT DEVRIES: Director and Editor 

DeVries joined the UNC Center for Public Television (UNC-TV), North Carolina's statewide public television network, three years ago. At UNC-TV, DeVries has served as associate producer, Web site project manager, and now as post-production editor. DeVries has produced a number of UNC-TV productions and features while acting as videographer, director, animator, and editor.

 Previously, DeVries served as the production facility manager at the Empowerment Project, a non-profit community media center and producer of documentaries, such as the Oscar-winning Panama Deception. 


The Golf War is made possible by hundreds of tax-deductible donations from individuals through our fiscal sponsors, the IMAGE Film and Video Center , Atlanta, GA and the Institute for Southern Studies , Durham, NC

Funding was also provided by The Paul Robeson Fund, The Durham Arts Council with support from the North Carolina Arts Council , a state agency, The Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, Ltd, and Michael Moore/The Center for Alternative Media.